To Do, to Do, What to Do????

This week, I finished a project for an upcoming issue of Quiltmaker. I’ll show you that quilt closer to the time when that pattern will be published.

But as I was sewing, I was thinking of all the projects I have waiting in the wings.

I’m waiting for fabric for this pretty Christmas project.

11 21 17 MQB To Do, to Do, What to Do????

Christmas Wall Hanging

I’m also waiting for fabric for this color option.

11 21 17X Marks the spot color option To Do, to Do, What to Do????

Christmas Table Topper


Color options are frequently small projects. Sometimes they are just one block, sometimes three blocks for a table runner or nine blocks for a baby quilt.

(Hint) When you are looking at a quilt pattern you’d like to try, especially if it is something complex that you’re not sure you’ll really love making, consider doing just three blocks for a table runner.

Sometimes, though, a color option has to be much larger, you just can’t see the difference changing colors makes with one block or even three. And step-outs for lessons require multiples of the project. One at each step of the process we are trying to teach. I see on the shelves in my office pieces and parts of three projects that will yield throw-size or larger quilts.


Is it any wonder that I have three boxes of PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) at home?



QM1702 SPINSTER 400 To Do, to Do, What to Do????

Spinster by Diane Harris


But then at work, I get to see all the wonderful quilts that come into the office. When Diane Harris sent her idea for this quilt, which she calls Spinster, I immediately fell in love. We requested the quilt and I could hardly wait for it to arrive. When it got here, I was thrilled with it. It’s scrappy but at the same time, it has a very definite color scheme going on. Isn’t it beautiful? I think there a Spinster in my future.

Spinster is patterned in the January/February 2017 issue of Quiltmaker available at your local quilt shop, on newsstands and at in hard copy or digital format. The pattern is also available as a stand-alone digital download.

Before I came to work here, I could just avoid the quilt store and focus for a few months and I’d get control of all the half-done projects. Now, I’m creating more all the time but I’m also seeing new things that I want to do.

How can I work on one of my PIGS when Spinster is calling my name? I find myself wishing for a big snowstorm so I can be snowed in for a couple of days and just sew to my heart’s content. But I have several things on my desk that I must get done before I can even think about that.

I do also want to tell you that is having Black Friday specials already. There are different items every day. Check them out.

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