It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

Somehow this weekend, between making three batches of cookies with some of the grandchildren on Saturday and then making three more batches of cookies with the help of my youngest son on Sunday afternoon, I finished a quilt. And I really love it.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

I made It’s Super Sheep with Moda’s Darling Little Dickens fabric collection.

I talked about it in my blog a couple of weeks ago and said that I had trouble figuring out how to quilt it. I got great suggestions from my friends and co-workers Paula Stoddard and Tricia Patterson.

So here are the cute little bees that Paula suggested.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

And here are the sheep. They were Tricia’s idea.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

I doodled both designs with paper and pencil several times before I started quilting. They are all free-motion quilting so I think doodling first is important. It helps your brain figure out the pattern. If you have trouble at first, it’s just paper – you can throw it away. But if you start stitching and have trouble, you have to unsew and that’s no fun.

One other observation about this quilt: I pieced the back and used the extra fabric that I cut away after I’d quilted to make the binding. The seams on the binding are straight, not diagonal, so there is quite a bit of bulk at each seam in the binding.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

I paid special attention as I was pressing the binding to get those seams as flat as possible. I used lots of steam and really took my time. But the bulk was still enough that I had to be careful as I was stitching so my sewing machine would go over the “bump.” My conclusion is that there is a reason we recommend the seams in the binding be on the diagonal.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

And look what I found as I was sitting here looking at my quilt and writing about it. I missed one little spot of quilting. It’s a really small area, about the size of a dollar bill so it will only take a minute or two. I’m glad I saw it now instead of when I was giving it away.

It’s Super Sheep is a web bonus that goes with my Gone To Pieces quilt that is in the January/February 2017 issue of McCall’s Quilting. That issue is available now at your local quilt shop and on newsstands or at

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3 Responses to It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

  1. The soft, low volume shades are dreamy. I am inspired. Your FMQ is fun, and takes my eyes all over the quilt. I appreciate your comments on the tricky parts of the binding. Sometimes it is ok, when we are making it work. Love this project.

  2. Lori Baker says:

    Thanks, Jane. I really like this quilt too.

  3. Judy says:

    I just love the “Serge ON” quilt and would like to make one. However, I do not know how to do the” Linda Lee Vivian technique of attaching the back and batting at the same time as serging” . Can anyone tell me where I can get instructions on how to do this?
    I am an experienced sewer and serger but new to quilting.

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