New Year’s Garden!

Happy New Year everyone! Most of the Quilters Newsletter staff, myself included, took some well-deserved time off over the Christmas holiday and it was really nice to get a little bit of rest and relaxation at the end of the year so we’re all set to start 2015 with bright eyes and bushy tails. Taking time off from Quilters Newsletter duties does not mean time off from quilting, however. Not at all.

I made a number of quilt tops throughout the year, and they’d been piling up. All I needed was a big chunk of time to get some of them basted and quilted and, Merry Christmas to me, I got just that! You might remember the one quilt top I made with the Gregory’s Garden collection by Jane Sassaman for FreeSpirit Fabrics. I was able to get it basted, quilted and bound and it’s either my last quilt of 2014 or my first of 2015.

With the wild prints and bright colors, I figured that the quilting wouldn’t be very visible, no matter what quilting design I chose. So I took it as an opportunity to practice my free motion quilting. I’ve been working on practicing and improving, and though I wouldn’t consider myself good at it, I’m getting a lot more confident and I can say that I’m not terrible at it anymore. The only way to get good is to keep at it, and so I do and I will. I used a variegated green thread, which is even less visible because of the changes in color and value.

Each series of borders got a different motif. My main goals were continuous lines, stitch consistency and motifs that didn’t require marking. Want to take a look?

garden1 New Years Garden!

Here’s the entire quilt. You can’t really see the quilting at this distance, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

garden9 New Years Garden!

Now from the back. Much easier to see the quilting on this side.

For the center panel, since I took all that trouble to match the prints, I went with outlining the printed designs. I couldn’t worry about getting my lines exactly on the print lines, or I’d spend all my time taking out stitches rather than adding them. It was a little difficult and it’s far from perfect but I think it does make my print-matching efforts visible.

garden2 New Years Garden!

Center panel. It’s an artsy look where the lines don’t always match the elements being outlined. It’s a legitimate style, or so I tell myself.

garden10 New Years Garden!

Back view!

The next borders have a modified figure 8 pattern. Loops are great and I was able to settle into a rhythm and get all my loops pretty much the same size without thinking about it.

garden3 New Years Garden!

Elongated figure 8′s in 2 borders.

garden11 New Years Garden!

Check it from the back! This pattern was one of the easiest on the quilt.

There’s not a lot of quilting in the fussy-cut flower border, but those flowers needed to be outlined so that’s just what I did.

garden4 New Years Garden!

Sometimes a fussy cut doesn’t need anything except a little outline.

garden12 New Years Garden!

Of course you’d like to see the flowers from the back.

The next two borders got a bunch of S-curves. These borders took a long time and the weight of the quilt would tend to pull and shift when I stopped to readjust, so some of gently curved lines have some jagged sections.

garden5 New Years Garden!

Gentle curves are peppered with little jigs and jags.

garden13 New Years Garden!

Now the back! You can see a bit of the stippling from the next border, too.

I always avoid stippling because it seems really stressful! You have to think about where the line needs to go very quickly, and all the while you are filling up space and limiting options for where to bring the line next. I think I should get over that, so I did a skinny stippling border. It was a little harrowing as I was sewing, and there are a few points and one or two loops where I sewed myself into a corner, but overall I’m pretty happy with it.

garden6 New Years Garden!

Stippling! Sorry it’s a little blurry, I guess I got too close.

Next came the large clamshell motif. I didn’t mark anything, but I did use a piece of masking tape to indicate the height of the bumps so they would be consistent.

garden7 New Years Garden!

Large rows of clamshells.

For the last border, I did more loops. At this point I was pretty ready to be done already!

garden8 New Years Garden!

Finally, some loopy loops to finish. Also, check out the cool stripe match on the joined binding strips!

I cut a few strips from the coordinating stripes for the binding, did all the binding business (I do not hand stitch my bindings down, my machine does it much faster) and I was done. Yay!

garden14 New Years Garden!

When a quilt is done, getting to wash it and fold it up is really fun! Please excuse that little white string right in the front that I only just now noticed.

One quilt finish down, and there’s more in the works. I hope to keep up the momentum throughout 2015! I won’t be able to count on 2-week staycations to get a bunch of quilting done but I’ll manage to work it into the schedule somehow! Have a 2015-y weekend!

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Gifts for Quilters Giveaway Part 2!


The December 2014 / January 2015 issue of Quilters Newsletter includes a Quilters’ Wish List featuring fabulous items for quilters of all styles and skill levels. QNDJ15 Cover 200 Gifts for Quilters Giveaway Part 2! While some of the items on the Quilters’ Wish List might have made great stocking stuffers and others wrapped the gifts (like the C&T Quilt Gift Wrap from C&T Publishing), other items might be the perfect items for you to put on your own wishlist, maybe for one of the upcoming holidays like Valentines or a birthday.

Or, if you didn’t get all the quilting-related presents your heart desired for Christmas, you might just want to go out and get yourself one of these gifts. After all, you deserve it!

You can also figuratively throw your name in the hat for Part 2 of our Gifts for Quilters Giveaway this week, featuring prizes of items on the Quilters’ Wish List in our December 2014 / January 2015 issue, which also contains many beautiful quilts; easy, intermediate and challenging quilt patterns; an easy lesson on adding decorative tucks to your quilt; a workshop on hexies and so much more.

Prize 1 is a St. Jane Geometric Print Sewing Basket, Prize 2 is a Deluxe Handy Caddy from Handy Caddy and Prize 3 is a 12″ x 18″ Fashion Cutting Mat from Fiskars.

St Jane Geometric Print Sewing Basket Gifts for Quilters Giveaway Part 2!Deluxe Handy Caddy Gifts for Quilters Giveaway Part 2!Fiskars Cutting Mat Gifts for Quilters Giveaway Part 2!

To enter for your chance to win one of the three prizes, leave a comment on this post below by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time Sunday January 4, 2015, telling us how well you did keeping your 2014 Quilting Resolutions. If you have a favorite between the three prizes, please add that to your comment. Since winners are randomly selected, we can’t guarantee you’ll get your favorite prize if you win, but we’ll do our best! Open to anyone worldwide who has not won anything from Quilters Newsletter in the past 90 days. If you are randomly selected as the winner, the email will come from with “Quilters Newsletter blog giveaway” in the subject line.

Be sure to follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramYouTubeGoogle+ and our website. We love to share things with you.

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Taking Stock

It’s that time of year when I look back to see how I did with accomplishing my goals for the year and start thinking about what I hope to accomplish in the new year.

I counted to see how much thread I’ve used up. Here’s the tin with the empty spools for the year.

0041 Taking Stock

The Overflowing Container of Spools

I think I need to find a bigger container for next year.

I counted 60 empty spools.

0031 Taking Stock

Wow! Lots of Empty Spools

The number amazed me, though they weren’t all full spools when I started. In fact, when I am sewing scrap quilts, I choose the spool that looks like it has the least thread on it, so I can use it up.

I’ll be on vacation this week and I’m hoping to finish up a couple of projects before the new year is officially here. Here’s the first one. I store my fabric in 60-quart plastic tubs. When a tub gets so full that I can’t easily slide it into its place, I know it’s time to make a quilt featuring that color. My pink tub had gotten totally out of hand. So I pieced a simple string quilt using all different shades of pink.

I recycled sheets of used copy paper for the foundation. I cut the sheets of paper to 8½” square. I set my stitch length at 2mm and I used a 90/14 needle. The strips of fabric vary in width. I used the same deep burgundy fabric across the center diagonally in each block.

002 Taking Stock

String-pieced Top

This will be a throw and will finish at 74” square. It should have made a big difference in how full the tub of pink fabric was but I still couldn’t get it in the shelf without pushing and smashing the fabric down.

002a Taking Stock

I hardly made a dent in the pink fabric.

So I’ve begun on a pieced back – it will be all different shades of pink just like the front so I can get the fabric down to the top of the tub.

Here’s the beginning of the back.

001 Taking Stock

The Big Pieces for the Back

I’ve just put the big pieces and an orphan block or two on top of the quilt top on my design wall. Once I have the orphan blocks on the wall, I start sewing the smallest of the scraps together. It takes longer to use the small scraps than to use large scraps but my tub of fabric is so much neater with all the small pieces gone. And by using the smallest pieces the back of the quilt will be ever so interesting.

This quilt is going to be pretty girly but it is using up a whole bunch of pink fabric.

I’ll need to keep going with another couple of scrap quilts, just to get my stash under control. There are always ideas for scrap quilts. Here are a couple from Quilters Newsletter; Best Scrap Quilts and an eBook called Scrappy Nine Patch Quilts.

For more ideas, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and our website.

And until next week, happy quilting.

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Block Friday — Spring Julep Block

Since before I began quilting, bargello quilts have fascinated me a great deal. While I haven’t made a full true bargello quilt, I have made a few quilting projects using the bargello style. Those smaller pieces were a lot of fun, so for week 4 of Block Friday, I’ve chosen a bargello-style block from Quiltmaker‘s 100 Blocks volume 7, Spring Julep by Renalda Peldunas-Harter. Check out the YouTube video below for how to make the block or catch it on

Need the pattern to make the block? Quiltmaker‘s 100 Blocks volume 7 is still available online at Quilt and Sew ShopAnd if you happened to have as much fun as I did with the bargello style, there are several other projects I might recommend, including quilts from Eileen Wright’s Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts

100Blocksvol7 237x300 Block Friday    Spring Julep Block     TwistandTurnBargello 231x300 Block Friday    Spring Julep Block

Gigi Khalsa’s Dreamweave from our Best Scrap Quilts 2014 issue is a fun bargello variation which will help you use up a variety of pieces from your stash.

Dreamweave 600 300x244 Block Friday    Spring Julep Block     scrap14 200 Block Friday    Spring Julep Block

Karen Gibbs’ Tilework from our Best Fat Quarter Quilts 2014 issue uses sashing strips between bargelo-style pieces to create a modern twist on an old favorite.

BFQQ14Cover 200 Block Friday    Spring Julep Block     Tilework 300x239 Block Friday    Spring Julep Block

CaitlinsTilework 550t 239x300 Block Friday    Spring Julep Block I haven’t gotten around to doing the quilting on it yet, but I made my own version of Karen Gibbs’ Tilework in solid colors, and I’d love to see what other variations you might come up with.

If you’re looking for even more cool quilt block patterns, Quilters Newsletter’s 9 Beautiful Blocks eBook is a great place to start!

Happy Block Friday!


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Comfy cozy are we

Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy, cozy are we
We’re snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be…

I bet these lyrics from “Sleigh Ride” by Mitchell Parish are about as close a description as we have in English for the Danish term hygge. Apparently it’s a famously untranslatable word, with many Danes having trouble finding just the right way to describe it.

Apparently food and drink figure heavily in hygge, which I can totally get behind, but there’s more to it than that. One Minneapolis resident described it by saying, “Hygge provides a warmth that the climate doesn’t.”

Now, if that doesn’t describe what we quilters are setting out to make every time we thread a needle, then I don’t know what does. Not just physical warmth, which can be accomplished with any variety of blankets, but emotional warmth as well.

WinterFlowers 550 Comfy cozy are we

Winter Flowers by Ramona Sorensen from Best Fat Quarter Quilts 2014

At this time of year, especially in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere, it seems we can use a little hygge, no matter what holidays we celebrate. I hope you’re able to take some time as we close out one year and start another to appreciate what you’ve accomplished and look forward to what’s to come.

HighintheHeavens 550 Comfy cozy are we

High in the Heavens by Janet Jo Smith in Best Christmas Quilts 2014

Stay with us in 2015 — in addition to our upcoming special issues, Best Tradition with a Twist Quilts and Best Kids Quilts, we’ll have all sorts of new ideas, patterns, stories and techniques to tell you about.

WildGeese 600 Comfy cozy are we

Wild Geese by Ginia Forrester in Best Scrap Quilts 2014

So with that, I’d like to wish you and yours a  Hyggeligt Holiday season and a very Happy 2015!

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Celebration of Friends and Followers Giveaway


Here at Quilters Newsletter, we love to share images of quilts, news about the quilting world, tips and techniques for quilting, quilt patterns and anything else we hear about that’s quilt-related. 2014 was our 45th year in publication, which makes Quilters Newsletter not only the oldest but also longest running quilt-specific magazine. It also makes us grateful to all of our loyal friends, fans and followers for sharing the quilting passion with us. We also love that you’ve joined us on a variety of social platforms across the web, and we appreciate hearing from you about what quilting projects you’ve made and what you’d like to make in the future.

2014 is almost over, and we’ve made a lot of friends on those social platforms. We’ve almost doubled in both Facebook and Twitter followers, close to quadrupled in Google+ followers, and made increasing gains in Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube followers from this time last year. And what were our most popular posts, you might wonder? The absolute most popular post in 2014 was a Thanksgiving meme we got off the P&B Textiles Facebook page, followed by a meme we made from something one of our quilting contributors, Ramona Sorensen, said in an email:  Thanksgiving Celebration of Friends and Followers Giveaway 934897 10152654966628052 8667428288749013411 n Celebration of Friends and Followers Giveaway

Also incredibly popular was a post on our Best Scrap Quilts 2014 issue talking about using up your stash and featuring a picture of Janet Jo Smith’s Rainbow Stars, which was featured in the issue: RainbowStars 600 Celebration of Friends and Followers Giveaway

And the last most popular post I’ll share today was a poem from our February 1973 issue, a post that I previously called out as our most shared post “so far in 2014″ in our May 21, 2014 giveaway posting celebrating 100,000 Facebook fans:FullCircle Celebration of Friends and Followers GiveawayTo celebrate all of those wonderful gains in fans and followers on our social platforms and in the spirit of the holiday season, we’re giving away two whimsical quilting-related prizes, one each to two lucky winners.

Both prizes include a set of nail polish from Soak with colors curated by a fabric designer (either Lizzy House or Fig Tree & Co.), DetailUSBs Celebration of Friends and Followers GiveawayDetailPins Celebration of Friends and Followers Giveawaya 2gb USB stick shaped like either a sewing machine or a tomato pin cushion from Nancy’s Notions, and three assorted quilt design Quilt Dots pins from Planted Seed Designs and Zappy Dots.

Prize1 Celebration of Friends and Followers Giveaway

Prize 1

Prize2 Celebration of Friends and Followers Giveaway

Prize 2

To enter for your chance to win one of these two whimsical prizes, leave a comment on this post below by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time Sunday December 28, 2014, telling us about the most dominant color or style of fabric in your quilting stash. Open to anyone worldwide who has not won anything from Quilters Newsletter in the past 90 days. If you are randomly selected as the winner, the email will come from with “Quilters Newsletter blog giveaway” in the subject line.

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On the Road

A fun thing about my job is going places that most quilters and shoppers would not get to go. This past week, Bill Gardner (editorial director for Quilters Newsletter, McCall’s and Quiltmaker) and I got to tour the eQuilter warehouse and owner Luana Rubin’s studio in Boulder, Colorado.

When I see huge fabric stores and warehouses like that one, I’m always glad I don’t work there. As I walk up and down the aisles, the ideas just bombard me. I want to buy fabric, go home and sew. If I worked there, I’d spend all I earned and then some on the beautiful fabrics.

I took just a few photos. Luana said they have 20,000 products in the warehouse and that includes every single color of Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman. Can you imagine? Every single color.

Here are reds and pinks.

3 On the Road

So Pretty

And being a big fan of the color purple, I had to take a photo of shelves with purple and blue.

2 On the Road

I love the purple.

Then the fat quarter bundles caught my eye.

1 On the Road

Fat Quarters

What fun it was.

I thought the cutting tables in the warehouse were interesting. The height of the tables can be adjusted so their workers have their specific cutting table at the best possible height.

My cutting table is not adjustable but when Bake (my husband) built it for me, he made it at the exact height I requested. I don’t remember what that height is anymore but it is a couple of inches taller than standard cabinet height.

For those of us who sew a lot, it’s important that everything works together well. Your table and chair should be the correct height, which is determined by your height. It makes a huge difference in how long you can sew and how comfortable you are as you are sewing. My friend and co-worker, Erin Russek, and her friend Michael Engman, a personal trainer, will be talking about ergonomics and your sewing space in an upcoming webinar that I am excited about. Here is more information.

If all this talk about fabric has you thinking about a new project, check at and at Keepsake Quilting for some of their end of the year sales.

Remember to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and our website for more ideas.

Merry Christmas! I hope your day is filled with fun, food and family.


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Block Friday — Card Trick Block

For the third week of Block Friday, I present you with the Card Trick Block. This fascinating block looks very complicated but becomes much simpler when broken down into a number of steps. It was designed and published by Beth and Jeffrey Gutcheon in a book called The Quilt Design Workbook (Rawson Associates Publishers, 1976) as the Crow’s Nest block and in The McCall’s Book of Quilts (Simon and Shuster, 1975) as the main block in the Card Trick Crib Quilt, also designed by Beth and Jeffrey Gutcheon. Check out the YouTube video below or catch it on to learn how to make this block:

Once you’ve made one Card Trick, you’ll want to know what do with it. How about the Card Tricks Quilt or Russian Card Trick Quilt?
Card Trick Quilt 226x300 Block Friday    Card Trick Block     Russian Card Trick Quilt 224x300 Block Friday    Card Trick Block

Or if you’re like me and love variations, why not try Ramona Sorensen’s Christmas Cards from Quilters Newsletter Presents Best Christmas Quilts 2014? It could be glamorous in another colorway for another holiday or year-round quilt as well. ChristmasCards 550 270x300 Block Friday    Card Trick Block      BCQ14 Cover 250 Block Friday    Card Trick Block

If you’re looking for even more cool quilt block patterns, Quilters Newsletter‘s 9 Beautiful Blocks eBook is a great place to start!

And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and our website. We love to share things with you.

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For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

Every year I try to come up with nice things to make to send to friends and family at Christmas time. Some years I do much better than others at remembering everyone and making something for them well ahead of time. Other years, like this one for example, time really gets away from me and I end up straggling behind and struggling to pull something together at the last minute.

I’ve blogged about fusible applique on existing cards before. But blank cards can be an ideal surface, too. It’s a really fun and fast technique and you probably have everything you need already, except perhaps the blank cards. You can get blank cards, with matching envelopes, at pretty much any art and craft store. They’re nice because you make them and they’re handmade and one-of-a-kind, but you don’t have to spend weeks working on them. You can give them to someone with a sweet, heartfelt note written inside to show you care, along with maybe a nice food item or small gift that you purchase.

For Christmas, this method is even more practical because you really don’t have to design anything. I did several different approaches to making cards and each individual card is unique, even though I only used a few stylistic techniques. If you need to come up with a gift for someone, fast, one of these ideas might be just the (super special handmade) thing to show someone you’re thinking of them.

You can use existing applique motifs, just the way you’d use them on a quilt, except you don’t have to stitch them down unless you want to. I got the motifs below from Quilters Newsletters Best Christmas Quilts 2014, available at the Quilt & Sew Shop.

carddove For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

The bird is from the Nature Sings pattern by Bev Getschel. Her entire pattern is in QN’s Best Christmas Quilts 2014 issue. I added the little leaf sprig.

cardsnowflake For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

The snowflake motifs are from the Joy pattern by ZJ Humbach. Her entire pattern is in QN’s Best Christmas Quilts 2014 issue. Snowflakes cut from snowflake-print fabric – so meta!

If you don’t even have enough time to trace motifs onto your fusible backing, I understand and I’m here for you. You can just fuse the web to your favorite Christmas prints and cut out the printed motifs.

cardpoinset For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

The background fabric is Stained Glass Christmas by Hoffman California International Fabrics. I don’t know what the red fabric is, I just had a scrap. Many people wouldn’t mix silver and gold, but I think it looks pretty fresh.

cardornament For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

Ornaments are cut from the Winter’s Grandeur collection by Robert Kaufman.

You can fuse a background onto a card, cut out simple shapes and/or printed motifs to make a simple, modern composition. To cut the background, I traced the card onto the paper side of fusible backing, fused it, then cut out the rectangle and fused it on the card. You may have to trim a string or two, but it works great.

cardtree For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

Crazy background and a cubist tree. The background and tree are from the Mineral Forest collection by Andover Fabrics.

cardscenery For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

I don’t know what this collection is, sorry. But I used two prints from it.

Or you can just fuse a pretty print onto a card and call it a day.

cardbirds For Fellow Seasonal Stragglers

I don’t know the details for this fabric, either, but it sure is pretty!

I can’t be the only one who still has some holiday greetings to send to people. Right? Well, if you’re all set for this year, try it next year or even for different holidays and occasions. At this point I’d better go ahead and write a little something in my cards and send them off or they’ll end up being New Year’s cards and that’s not really a thing.

I’d be very interested to know what other quilters have made as gifts this year. Tell us all about it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and our website. Have a festive weekend!

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13 Plus Free Quilting Projects, Downloads and Tutorials

Today we’ve selected a few of our favorite free quilting projects, downloads and tutorials to share with you and your friends. Check out each of the 13 links for wonderful inspiration, tips and quilting patterns:

Moon Forest Block 150x150 13 Plus Free Quilting Projects, Downloads and Tutorials1. Moon Flowers. This appliqued quilt block was on the cover of Quilters Newsletter‘s very first issue in 1969. We recently made modern versions of the block in the Staff Picks section of our 45th Anniversary issue, August/September 2014.

2. Quilt as You Go Pillow Top Project from Quilt Monkey. This video is free today, Thursday December 18, 2014. It’s part of the Quilt Monkey series on, a fun take on quilting that’s great for beginners as well as for those trying to expand on their quilting and block making skills.

416 UP IN THE AIR w400 150x150 13 Plus Free Quilting Projects, Downloads and Tutorials3. Up in the Air by Dana Jones. Make yourself a beautiful reminder of warmer weather with this fun hot air balloon block from Quilters Newsletter June/July 2010.

4. French Twist Binding by Gretchen Hudock. Originally seen in the September 2001 issue of Quilters Newsletter, this binding method hides the start and finish in your quilting, ending with a narrow binding on the front and wide binding on the back. If you don’t already have the perfect needles for finishing the back of the binding by hand, try Fons & Porter Quilt Binding Needles.

QNM Free Poinsettia 290w 150x150 13 Plus Free Quilting Projects, Downloads and Tutorials5. Picture Perfect Poinsettias Table Runner by Joli Hines Sayasane. This Christmas-themed pattern was originally featured in Quilters Newsletter December/January 2011.

6. Ooh-Rah by Lori Baker. This quilt was first introduced in January 2014 and was released as a block-of-the-month, leading up the final block and instructions earlier in December. Check out Quilters Newsletter February/March 2014 for the introduction and more information on the Quilted in Honor program this quilt was designed to benefit.

CandyStriper 150x150 13 Plus Free Quilting Projects, Downloads and Tutorials7. Candy Striper by Anita Grossman Solomon. The Easy Lesson feature in Quilters Newsletter April/May 2012 shows how to make the block, but we posted the pattern to make the full quilt on our website!

8. Color Wheel by Connie Ewbank. This bright and bold quilt pattern uses all the colors of the rainbow. It originally appeared in Quilters Newsletter April/May 2013.

9. Pants Pocket by Pam Rocco. Lori Baker recently blogged about putting pockets on her quilts. Why not make a full quilt of pockets (whether real or pieced in)? This quilt was originally featured in Quilters Newsletter February/March 2012.

10. Quiltmaking Made Easy with Deb Tucker. This video featuring tips and techniques is a bonus video from our Quilters Newsletter TV: The Quilters’ Community series. See more from The Quilters’ Community as well as 3 free parts of a video interview with Deb Tucker from Quilt with the Stars on

TROY 200 150x150 13 Plus Free Quilting Projects, Downloads and Tutorials11. Stars at Dusk by Kathryn Wagar Wright. The intricately pieced stars use both foundation and traditional piecing methods in this lap quilt which originally appeared in Quilters Newsletter October/November 2012.

12. Rainbow Radiance by Donna Lynn Thomas. The Easy Lesson feature in Quilters Newsletter December/January 2014 shows how to make the block, but we posted the pattern to make the full quilt on our website!

13. Free eBooks of nine patch, log cabin, basket and patriotic quilts. While accessing these free eBooks does require creating a free account on our website, these patterns offer tons of inspiration.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration and news about the quilt world, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+,Youtube and our website!

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