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Please note: When downloading and printing a PDF that has size-specific material such as templates, applique patterns, and quilting motifs, you must turn the scaling to "off" to prevent your system from defaulting to settings that may shrink the page and distort sizes. In the print dialog box, look for the drop-down menu next to "Page Scaling." You'll have a few options depending on the computer system you are using. Choose "None" before you hit print. And always make a test unit or block before cutting into expensive fabric.

Free Quilt Block Pattern: Eight Hands Around
Quilters Newsletter's Best 50 Patchwork Blocks

eight hands around

Download this free quilt block pattern, Eight Hands Around! Click here to print the free quilt block pattern! Check out all the Staff Picks blocks in Quilters Newsletter August/September 2012


Free Quilt Block Pattern: Five Spot

This free 10-inch quilt block pattern got its name from the five squares set on point, which are a perfect place to use a favorite print. Click here to download the free quilt block pattern. See the other blocks in the Quilters Newsletter April/May 2013 Staff Picks.


Free Quilt Block Pattern: Godey
Quilters Newsletter's 50 Best Patchwork Blocks


Perfect for showcasing your favorite large-scale print, you can take advantage of this free block pattern and start busting that stash! Click to download the free quilt block pattern, Godey. Check out the rest of our Staff Picks in Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013


Free Quilt Block Pattern: King's Crown

kings crown

Free quilt block patterns are a good thing! Click to download and print the free quilt block pattern for Kings Crown! Check out this issue's Staff Picks in Quilters Newsletter June/July 2012.


Free Quilt Block Pattern: Salt Lake City
Quilters Newsletter's Best 50 Patchwork Blocks

salt lake city

Featuring Center City by Jay McCarroll for FreeSpirit Fabric, this free quilt block pattern will have you showing off your favorite prints in no time. Click here to download and print the free quilt block pattern Salt Lake City. To see more of our favorite fabric, notions, and books, pick up a copy of Quilters Newsletter February/March 2013

Free Quilt Block Pattern: Simply Scotch
Susan Geddes


This variation on the traditional Scotch Squares block pattern has been updated to better suit modern fabrics. Large patches in this free block pattern make this an ideal block for showcasing oversize prints and graphics. Download and print the free block pattern to experiment with your favorite fabrics. 

Free Quilt Pattern: Bunny Hop
Irene Berry & Susan Geddes

bunny hop

QN staff members continue their tradition of offering a free quilt pattern in the springtime with this charming bunny surrounded by a buffet of carrots! Click to download this adorable free quilt pattern!


Free Quilt Pattern: Ladybug Harvest
Irene Berry & Susan Geddes

ladybug harvest

Sew your own paper-pieced vegetables for a fun little free quilt pattern celebrating summer’s bounty. Click here to download and print the free quilt pattern.


Free Quilt Pattern: In the Pink
Patricia Bravo

in the pink 

This free table runner pattern from Pat Bravo is a great way to use up scraps. Select a color palette that suits your tastes and add the optional lattice for a fun finishing touch. Get the complete free table runner pattern to brighten up your winter months!


Free Quilt Pattern: Sorbet
Patricia Bravo


Download this free quilt pattern offered  in conjunction with Quilters Newsletter August/September 2012. Sorbet was designed and made by Patricia Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics, Hollywood, California.


Free Quilt Pattern: Apple Blossoms
Jen Daly

apple blossoms

Download and print the free quilt pattern for the quilt featured in "Zen and the Art of Binding"--Jen Daly's Apple Blossoms featured on page 36 of Quilters Newsletter June/July 2011.


Free Quilt Pattern: Spinning Monkey
Patricia Heath

spinning monkey

Try this four-block wall hanging designed by former QN editor Patricia Heath. Choose a palette of creamy pastels for a springtime treat, or stitch a valentine in red, white, and pink. Monkey Wrench and Pinwheel blocks were the inspiration for this appealing 10˝ block design. Download and print the complete free quilt pattern.


Free Quilt Pattern: Let it Snow
Angie Hodapp

let it snow

For many years QN staffers have been designing free quilt patterns for our readers to celebrate spring, QN’s birthday, and Christmas. We hope you will enjoy Let it Snow, a free Christmas quilt pattern, designed by former editors Carol Newby and Angie Hodapp.


Free Quilt Pattern: Scarecrow's Puzzle
Angie Hodapp

scarecrows puzzle

This free fall quilt pattern was designed especially for QN readers by editor Angie Hodapp using the Awesome fabric collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda. A simple setting shows off a complex block–one that has lots of pieces and requires some experience. Download the free fall quilt pattern here!


Free Quilt Pattern: Creepy Crawlies at Midnight
Dana Jones

creepy crawlies

A touch spooky, a lot fun, this free Halloween wall quilt pattern – designed and made by Dana Jones of Gilpin County, Colorado, and quilted by ZJ Humbach of Nederland, Colorado – is quick and easy. Make it to welcome trick-or-treaters, decorate for a party or give as a door prize at your October quilt guild meeting. Get this free Halloween quilt pattern today!


Free Quilt Pattern: Firework Flag
Gigi Khalsa


Piece, cut, rearrange, re-piece. That’s all you need to do to create this patriotic free quilt pattern made with Artisan Batiks by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions in Easy Lesson, this project can be a pillow case, wall hanging or both! Click here to download the free quilt pattern, and be sure to pick up a copy of Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013 for the corresponding Easy Lesson.


Free Quilt Pattern: Halloween Street
Gigi Khalsa


Get in the spooky spirit of the season with this fun free Halloween quilt pattern designed and made by QN associate editor Gigi Khalsa. Play around with fussy cutting your favorite Halloween novelty prints for a unique look that's all your own. Click here to download and print this free Halloween quilt pattern and get started today! 


Free Quilt Pattern: Witches' Brew
Linda Miller

witches brew

Download Witches' Brew, a cute Halloween table runner--and free quilt pattern! Simply click here to print this free Halloween quilt pattern, perfect for the refreshments table at your next costume party! You'll find even more quilt patterns in Quilters Newsletter October/November 2012. 

Free Quilt Pattern: Poinsettia
Cleo Mounday


A single, larger-than-life poinsettia makes a dramatic statement in this not-so-traditional Christmas wall hanging. Click for this beautifulfree Christmas quilt pattern.


Free Quilt Pattern: Caribbean Houses
Pam Rocco

caribbean houses

Bright and fresh inspiration! Download and print Pam Rocco's free quilt pattern for Caribbean Houses.


Free Quilt Pattern: Cinco de Mayo
Pam Rocco

cinco de mayo

Pam Rocco’s pants pocket block – see “Words to Quilt By,” page 84, in the February/March 2012 issue of Quilters Newsletter – goes festive in this free one-block quilt pattern. Cinco de Mayo is a great stash-busting project. Click here for the free quilt pattern.


Free Quilt Pattern: City Traffic
Pam Rocco 

city traffic

Try another fun and modern free quilt pattern by Pam Rocco! Download the free quilt pattern City Traffic and read more about Pam Rocco's quilts in Quilters Newsletter October/November 2012.


Free Quilt Pattern: Double Cross
Pam Rocco

double cross

Enjoy this free quilt pattern, Double Cross by Pam Rocco. To read Pam's column about her process, check out Quilters Newsletter August/September 2012.


Free Quilt Pattern: Kuba Cross
Pam Rocco


This free quilt pattern from Pam Rocco was designed after she found a piece of African Kuba cloth at a flea market. She took it home, tacked it on her design wall and let the unique fabric inspire her quilt pattern. Click here for the complete free quilt patternKuba Cross.

Free Quilt Pattern: Pants Pocket
Pam Rocco

pants pocket

Download and print Pam Rocco's free quilt pattern for Pants Pocket!


Free Quilt Pattern: Plus Signs
Pam Rocco


Pam Rocco decided to make this easy free quilt pattern after using a stack of brightly-colored fabrics she just couldn't get enough of! Click here for this free quilt pattern, and check out Pam's column, "Words to Quilt By" in Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013. 


Free Quilt Pattern: Semaphore Flags
Pam Rocco


Check out this new free quilt pattern from Pam Rocco, Semaphore Flags! Simply click to download and print this free quilt pattern. See other quilts from Rocco in Quilters Newsletter December/January 2013. 


Free Quilt Pattern: Spools
Pam Rocco


This free quilt pattern showcases Pam Rocco's signature improvisational style of quilting with a simple, but unique feel. Click to download and print this complete free quilt pattern, and pick up a copy of Quilters Newsletter February/March 2013 for Pam's inspiration behind this quilt.


Free Quilt pattern: West African Strip Quilt #2

Pam Rocco

african strip quilt 2

Download and print Pam Rocco's free quilt pattern, West African Strip Quilt #2. Click here for this free quilt pattern! Read about Pam's inspiration and more Words to Quilt By in Quilters Newsletter June/July 2012.


Free Quilt Pattern: Wonky 9 Patches 
Pam Rocco 


Pam Rocco's free quilt pattern, Wonky 9 Patches on Point, is a fun free quilt pattern ready for the experimental quilter. Pam made her version when she learned her daughter was expecting a baby, the on-point nine-patch cross blocks reminded her of dancing ballerinas. Her choice of prints give this quilt a feminine appeal, but you can play around with different fabrics for a whole new look. Get this free quilt pattern and start having fun with your version today!


Free Quilt Pattern: Starry Night

Joli Hines Sayasane

starry night

Make this petite version of the quilt featured in “Easy Lesson” in the December/ January 2009 issue of Quilters Newsletter. For many years QN staffers have been designing free quilt patterns for our readers to celebrate spring, QN’s birthday, and Christmas. This free Christmas quilt pattern for a whimsical fusible applique quilt was designed by editor Joli Hines Sayasane.


Free Quilt Pattern: Picture Perfect Poinsettias
Joli Hines Sayasane

perfect poinsettias

Download and print  Picture-Perfect Poinsettias, a free QN web-exclusive quilt pattern. This quilt is featured on page 41 of Quilters Newsletter December/January 2010 issue.


Free Quilt Pattern: Soul
Kelly M. Smith


Simple shapes make stars shine in this wall quilt. This is a fast, easy-to-piece free quilt pattern. Make all the stars in one color for the ultimate in simplicity or use complementary colors for a stunning design. Click to download the free quilt pattern.


Free Quilt Pattern: A Gathering of Blossoms
Marinda Stewart

a gathering of blossoms

Marinda Stewart of Round Rock, Texas, created a bouquet of garden flowers, featuring fabrics from Windham’s The Quilts of Gee’s Bend Solids collection. We show you step-by-step how to make the daffodils in the Easy Lesson in the Quilters Newsletter February/March 2012issue. Get the free quilt pattern here.



Free Quilt Pattern: Hallowgraphix Jack
Jason Yenter

hallowgraphix jack

Ghosts and bats, owls and skeletons, black cats and haunted houses–all this and more surround this free Halloween quilt pattern created especially for QN readers by Jason Yenter to showcase his Hallowgraphix collection from In the Beginning Fabrics. His border print gives the look of a pieced border without any stitching. What could be easier? Get this free Halloween quilt pattern today!


Free Quilt Pattern: Picket Fences
John Adams a.k.a. Quilt Dad

picket fences

Click here for a modern free quilt pattern, Picket Fences, designed and made by the Quilt Dad. Don’t miss out on this awesome free quilt pattern!


Free Quilt Pattern: Candy Striper
Anita Gross Solomon

candy striper

Learn how to make Anita's Unbiased Block in the Easy Lesson of the Apr/May 2012 issue of QN, then download and print the free quilt pattern to make your own Candy Striper quilt!


Free Quilt Pattern: Bubblegum Crossing
Angie Hodapp

bubblegum crossing

Celebrate spring with this free pastel quilt pattern designed by Angie Hodapp. Click here to download this colorful free quilt pattern! 


Free Quilt Pattern: Birds in a Row
Angie Hodapp

birds in a row

We're going back in time with a strippy pink-and-brown free quilt pattern, colors reminiscent of the mid 1800s. Welcome spring as you make these easy-to-piece Birds in the Air blocks. Simply click to download this free quilt pattern!


Free Quilt Pattern: April Morning
Susan Johnson

 April morning

Download the free quilt pattern April Morning, featuring the Garden Medley and Handspray collections from RJR fabrics. Click to print this free quilt pattern. Find other beautiful quilt patterns, check out Quilters Newsletter October/November 2012.


Free Quilt Pattern: Chocolate Covered Cherries
Amanda Murphy

chocolate cherries

Download and print the complete free quilt pattern for Chocolate Covered Cherries--designed and made especially for QN by Amanda Murphy.


Free Quilt Pattern: Manchester Heights
Jill Reid

manchester heights

Clickhere to download the free quilt pattern, Manchester Heights. Don't miss this beautiful free quilt pattern!


Card Trick Tumble
Gayle P. Ropp

card trick tumble

Gayle Ropp designed this free quilt pattern for a seminar with "fragmenting" as her theme. She used a traditional Card Trick block, but enlarged it to five times its typical size. Although the overal design looks complicated, construction is easy if you pay attention to the directions for each unit, focusing on placement of lights and darks. Click here for this unique free quilt pattern.


Free Quilt Pattern: Le Chemin de Jardin
Joli Hines Sayasane

le chemin de jardin

(The Garden Path) invites a stroll among the flowers. Piecing and applique combine for a quilt you'll enjoy for a long time. Open and download the free quilt pattern.


Free Quilt Pattern: Stars at Dusk
Kathryn Wagar Wright

stars at dusk

QN Senior Designer Kathryn Wagar Wright used Marcia Derse's Nouveau Chic collection by Troy Fabrics to make this eye-catching free quilt pattern, Stars at Dusk. The center stars are foundation pieced for accuracy and you only need nine of the large blocks for a lap-sized quilt. Sponsered by Troy and Pfaff, all you have to do is click here for this beautiful free quilt pattern! Find more quilt patterns in Quilters Newsletter October/November 2012




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