Quilters Newsletter Workshop Featured Patterns

These are quilt patterns featured on episodes of Quilters Newsletter Workshop, which can be seen on QNNTV.com. For viewing information, visit www.QNNtv.com.

Episode 1 

May, 2013, The Chicken Quilt, segment 1

chicken quilt

The Chicken Quilt by Charlotte Angotti

Use directional fabrics to add visual movement to your version of this quilt. Charlotte used warm earth tones with a contrasting cool blue stripe fabric to make this traditional quilt design pop. Get the free quilt pattern for The Chicken Quilt here, and visit QNNtv.com for episode information.

May, 2013, The Chicken Quilt, segment 2

charm square quilt

Charm Square Challenge by Debbie Caffrey

Long before the age of precut fabrics, quilters exchanged 6" squares of their favorite prints. Many years ago Quilters Newsletter ran classified ads for quilters looking to trade fabrics to gain a better variety in their stash. Debbie used those same squares to make the Charm Square Challenge in 2005. Visit QNNtv.com for more information on the episode, click here for the free quilt pattern

Episode 2

June 2013, How to Make a Quilted Flag Pillowcase & Wall Hanging

Firework Flag

Firework Flag by QN associate editor Gigi Khalsa

Piece, cut, rearrange, re-piece. That’s all you need to do to create this patriotic free quilt pattern made with Artisan Batiks by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions in Easy Lesson, this quilt project can be a pillow case, wall hanging or both! Click the link to download the free quilt pattern, and watch the episode at QNNtv.com. Interested in how to make a pillow case-wall hanging? Pick up a copy of Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013 for the Easy Lesson.


Episode 4

August 2013, Memory Quilts with Cindy Brick


Memory quilts combine fabrics, bits of damaged or treasured pieces, orphan blocks, leftovers from other projects, and your favorite embellishments into a quilt that captures your life! This is generally a patternless method; in other words, it can be adjusted to fit the sizes of your chosen materials. Another word for this technique is "framed sampler." Follow along with Cindy Brick on Quilters Newsletter Workshop TV on QNNtv.com. Click here to download Cindy's guidelines for making memory quilts


Episode 5

September 2013, How to Make Colorful Quilted Coasters with Carol Ann Waugh


Colorful Coasters by Carol Ann Waugh

Use the techniques you learn from Carol Ann Waugh to create your own Colorful Coasters or use them in your next quilting project. Learn how to use craft fuse to stiffen the coasters, fusible fleece for texture and have fun with the improvisational piecing for a unique look. Download and print this free coasters pattern and go to QNNtv.com for more information on the episode.


Episode 6

December 2013, Rainbow Radiance Quilt

Rainbow Radiance

Rainbow Radiance by Donna Lynn Thomas

Download and print this free quilt pattern and go to QNNtv.com for more information on the episode.


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