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Quilt How To

Whether you're a novice quilter looking for help on how to quilt or a more advanced quilter looking for quilt piecing techniques, we hope you’ll enjoy the resources listed below for quilting how-to information from your favorite quilting magazines: McCall's Quilting, Quiltmaker and Quilters Newsletter.

Quilting Patterns

Scrap Quilt Photos

Nine Patch Quilting

Christmas Quilting and a Quilting Recipe

Free Christmas Quilting Pattern

Quilters Salsa Recipe

Christmas Tree Skirt Setting

Free Christmas Quilting Pattern

More Scrap Quilt Photos

Quilting Project: Push Pin

Free Quilting Pattern for a Wrap

Cat Quilting Pattern

Free Baby Quilting Pattern: The Newborn Snuggler

Quilted Valentine

Quilter Tested: Quilting Bag Pattern

Tiny House Quilting Block

Cute Christmas Quilt Pattern

Quilting Pattern Pieces in PDFs

Free Quilting Pattern: Nancy Mahoney's Airship Propellers

Grateful Heart Quilting Pattern

Grateful Heart Quilting Pattern Part II


Quilting Techniques

Machine Quilting That Requires No Marking

10 Tips for Better Machine Quilting

Hand Quilting Tips

Quilting Tips: Layering Your Quilt and Basting

Quilting Class Tips Making

A Continuous Quilting Bias

Free Motion Machine Quilting

Quilting Using Print Scale as a Design

Value as a Quilt Design Element

Basic Quilting Foundation Piecing

Quilt Foundation Piecing Tips

Basic Quilt Pressing Tips

Making Quilt Patterns

Cutting Perfect Triangles for Your Quilting

Photo Tips For Your Quilts

Use Felting or Fulling Woven Wool In Your Quilting

How to Work With Quilting Embroidery

Yo-Yo Quilting Preparations

Tips for Taking Photos to Quilting Fabric


Quilt Appliqué

Quilting Appliqué

Quilting Appliqué: How to Make Perfect Rotary Circles

Piecing and Appliqué

Easy Fusible Quilting Appliqué


Quilting Basics

Quilt Binding Alternative: Quilt Facing

Quilting Prairie Points

Quilt Planning In A Different Way

Using Continuous Ties on Your Quilt

Quilting Ruler Cutting Trick

Easy Quilting Seams

Quilting Circles

Free-Motion Machine Quilting

50 Reader Quilting Tips

Glossary of Quilting Terms

Preparing Your Quilt

Tips for Holiday Quilts

Basic Quilt Pressing Tips

Quilt Pressing Basics

Understanding Quilting Stitch Length

Quilting Batting

Basic Quilt Making Supplies

About Quilting Fabrics

Quilting Fabric Selection

Selecting Quilting Fabrics by Color, Value & Scale

Spring Quilting Fabrics

Washing Quilting Fabrics

Quilting Fabric Preparations

The Color Wheel for Quilters

Using Plaid Quilting Fabrics


Quilt Resources

Free Quilting Links

Free Valentine Quilting Motifs

Tips for Quilting: How Should I Quilt It?

Quilting Pattern Lessons: Black & White

Longarm Quilting Questions Part 1

Longarm Quilting Questions Part 2


Quilt Cutting

Rotary Cutting for Quilters: Diamonds, Parallelograms & Trapezoids

Rotary Cutting for Quilters: Triangle Quilts

Rotary Cutter Safety & Maintenance for Quilters

Quilting: Chain Piecing & Opposing Piecing

Quilt Cutting Tips

Quick Quarter-Square Triangles

Making & Using Quilt Templates

Rotary Cutting Basics for Beginning Quilters

Introduction to Half-Square Quilting


Quilt Piecing

Setting Quilt Blocks on Point

Quilt Piecing Techniques

Making Quilting Foundation Patterns

Using Freezer Paper for Quilting

Hand Piecing A Quilt

Different Types of Quilting Machine Piecing

Quilting Foundation Piecing Primer

Accurate 1/4 Quilting Seam Allowances

Making and Using Quilting Templates

Quilt Pinning Tips

Triangle Quilting Into Pieced Squares

Piecing Together Fabric Strips for Quilting


Quilt Finishing and Quilting Borders

How to Make Quilt Labels

Making Better Quilt Corners

Finishing Your Quilt With Flourish

How to Make Quilt Labels

Quilt Binding How To

Making Quilt Labels

Pipped Quilt Binding

Making Quilting Borders

How to Bind A Quilt

Quilt Binding: Joining the Ends

Quilt Binding: Joining the Strips

Quilt Binding: Sewing Binding To A Quilt

Quilt Binding: Turning and Hand Stitching

Making A Quilt Border: Framing a Quilt With A Border Print

Prairie Points Edging


Quilting Tips

Sew Bands Easily on Your Quilt

Tips on Quilting from Sulky of America

Triangle Quilting: Stitch and Flip

Starching Your Fabrics for Easy Quilting

Machine Quilting

Adding a Hanging Sleeve to Your Quilt

Making A Continuous Quilting Bias

Tips for a Revolutionary Quilting Block

New Quilting Strategies

Quilting Inspiration

Getting Grandchildren Involved in Quilting

Ideas for Art Quilts

Quilters: Are You Really Living?

Quilters: What's Important To You?

Quilters: The Potential of Empty Spaces

About Patchwork Quilting

Quilters: Go to Your Studio and Make Stuff!

The Bible Quilt as American Icon

Quilters Resources: Podcasts, Fabrics and Blogs

Quilters: Finish Off Those UFOs!

The Value of Quilting Scraps

Quilters: My Quilting Addiction Explained!


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