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QNM Web Extras

Scalloped Borders

The quilt pattern Jewels in the May 2005 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine has a scalloped edge. Here are directions for binding the quilt.

For inside curves, a narrow bias binding is required. Cut the binding in bias strips 2" wide. Join end to end to make enough binding to go around the quilt. Fold the strip in half and press 1" wide. Working on the front side of the quilt, position the binding with all raw edges even. Begin stitching the binding in a 1/4" seam, easing a little extra fullness on the outside curve of the scallop. Stitch to the exact middle of the inside angle, secure with back stitches, and break the thread. Fold the binding so that it will align properly with the next edge to be stitched, which will cause the binding to form a pleat at the angle. Insert the needle as close as possible to where the previous line of stitching ended. Secure with back stitches and begin the next section of stitching. Overlap the ends where they meet.

Fold the binding to the back of the quilt. Use a pin to tuck in the pleat neatly at each point. Pin the binding in place on the back of the quilt and hand blindstitch it to the backing. It is a nice finishing touch to stitch the folded tucks.

See the May 2005 (#372) issue of QNM for complete directions for the Jewels quilt. If that issue is no longer available at your local quilt shop, visit our online store at www.VillageQuiltShoppe.com to check back issue availability.