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QNM Web Extras


If you'd like help making Sharon Pederson's Sashiko Table Runner given in the June 2005 Quiltmaker's Workshop, here is an easy quilt-as-you-go-method.

Make and quilt the blocks and triangles needed for the table runner as described in the workshop. Cut two strips for each seam between blocks and triangles; one strip for the quilt front and the second for the back. Cut the front strips 1" wide by the block length. For the back strips, cut each 1 1/4" wide and the same length as the front strips. The extra width allows you to more easily turn under the seam allowance later. When sewing the blocks and strips together, use a walking foot on your machine if you have one.

Layer the 1 1/4"-wide strip right side up, the quilted block right side up, and the 1"-wide top strip right side down (Fig. 1). For all layers, match centers and ends, and align the raw edges. Pin the layers together. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, join the layers. Finger press the top strip open.

With right sides together and matching centers and ends, pin the other raw edge of the top strip to the raw edge of a triangle. Finger press the back strip away from the seam line or pin out of the way if you like. Join the top strip and triangle in a 1/4" seam. The 1/4" batting in each of the block seam allowances should just fill the 1/2" space in the middle of the strip (Fig. 2).

Continue joining blocks and triangles in this manner to make three rows as shown in the assembly diagram. To finish the strips on the back, fold under the raw edge of a strip, covering the previous line of stitching. Pin and blindstitch the strip in place (Fig. 3). Repeat for all the back strips.

Measure each row and cut 1"-wide strips for the front and 1 1/4"-wide strips the same length for the back. Join the rows with front strips in the same way you sewed the blocks and triangles together, being careful to match centers and ends and aligning raw edges. Turn under the raw edge of each back strip and blindstitch in place. The table runner is now ready for binding.