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QNM Web Extras

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Practice Portraits

Faye Anderson based two of her prize-winning quilts on the paintings of old masters. The dramatic use of dark/light contrast in these portraits makes them good subjects to print out in black-and-white and to use for the stitch-a-sketch technique. To get started right away, download and print the PDF file of The Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals (1624) and Head of a Girl in a Turban by Jan Vermeer (c. 1665). Remember, published photographs are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission.

See the June 2005 (#373) issue of QNM for complete directions for Faye's technique. If that issue is no longer available at your local quilt shop, visit our online store at www.VillageQuiltShoppe.com to check back issue availability.